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September 8, 2012 11:00 am

Kim Kardashian says “I’m leaning more towards being a little more private”

Author: Felix

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian has lived her life in front of the cameras for the past seven years. We’ve seen her fall in and out of love, and even walk down the aisle to a short lived marriage.

Since the embarrassing 72day marriage, Kim seems to have found love again with rapper Kanye West. The couple are what I like to call each others most beautiful accessories. It also seems like Kim’s most believable relationship since Reggie Bush.

But is this real love with Kanye making Kim reconsider constantly being in the limelight? In a recent interview Kim opens up about the spot light and maybe leaning towards being more private with her life.

Kim says “If there’s one thing I’m so thankful I have, it’s that privacy of pretty much my whole life until seven years ago.”

She’s may do something different if Kanye were to pop the “Would you take me to be your lawfully wedded husband” question. Kim says “I would definitely do it differently.” “Just all the scrutiny that I got. You don’t plan to go through all of that willingly. For money. That’s just not what a sane person would do. So. Would I get married on TV again? No.”

“Well, I guess you never say never. Because who knows? So many other people I know have gotten married on TV and it has worked out amazing for them. William and Kate got married on TV.” “I’m leaning more towards being a little more private. I’ll never do a spin-off.”

I’m down for Kim to living a more private life, but is she ready?

Starlets, share your thoughts if you believe she will live a more private life with Kanye?

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