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October 4, 2011 11:42 am

Featured Starlet: Fahylando Jackson

Author: Felix

I’d like to introduce to you our featured Starlet™, Fahylando Jackson. He’s a 22 year old Model living San Diego, California. He not only takes breath taking photos and walks the runway, he’s an active duty Marine!

Fahylando also was featured on the San Diego 6 news modeling the hottest swim wear trends set up by Stylist and Fashion Designer of “Rose Rags“, Jessica Rose Delee.

Fahylando doesn’t really like to call himself a model, he says: “I like to think of myself as an ARTIST. An artist because I like to be very involved even after the camera stops flashing and the post work begins.”

What are your thoughts on our “Featured Starlet™” Fahylando Jackson? If you’d like to see more of his beautiful work check them out here.

For more info on Fahylando Jackson please contact Felix@PrettierThanPerez.com. Remember also, if you’d like to be our “Featured Starlet™” you can also contact me at Felix@PrettierThanPerez.com.

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